FAQ – Hog Roast Catering

We get asked a lot of questions during our time on catering events. We wanted to make sure the your event goes as smoothly as possible and you can sit back and feel and relax whilst enjoying your event. If we still haven’t answered your questions, feel free to give us a ring and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help.

Will a Hog Roast be appropriate for my event?

In our time as hog roast and catering specialists we have catered for every event you can imagine, from birthdays to weddings and let’s not forget about Christmas and Halloween! The list of where a hog roast is fitting is endless.

How many guests will a Hog Roast feed?

This all depends on the size of the pig, a pig can feed between 40 and 500 people. Once you know the number of guests that are attending your event, you can let us know and we will provide a pig that’s perfect in size.

What are your machines powered by?

We have a variety of machines including our double-oven Platinum and our single-oven machines Hogmaster and Titan. All our machines are powered by gas so there’s no need to provide electricity at your event as we are fully self-sufficient.

Do you just do Pork?

We also offer to roast a wide range of different meats, including lamb, chicken, beef and more.  If you have vegetarian/vegan guests then don’t worry as we can provide some great vegetarian meals!

How much does a Hog Roast cost?

Each occasion has different requirements, but we are proud to offer you the best for your money. Our prices depend on location, number of guests and date, but you’ll be sure to find the perfect menu for your budget.

Are your menus locked in?

No, our menus are there to give you an idea of what to expect and can be added to or taken away from. If you’d prefer to have potatoes instead of salads or even beef instead of pork, we’ll be happy to provide it!

How can I book with you?

Contact us via our online form, email or by phone. Provide us with your date of event, number of guests, location and email address and we can check if your date is available and get menus and prices sent out to you the same day!

What happens if it rains?

We will bring our 3×3 metre gazebo to cover ourselves against all weather, but if you’d prefer we can cater for your event inside by cooking outside and serving the food indoors, so you and your guests don’t need to get wet.

How long do you serve for?

As long is as necessary, we only leave once all your guests have eaten and everyone is fully satisfied, we’ll even leave leftovers for you to use the next day or later on.