Hog Roast Achnasheen

If you are seeking a reliable and versatile catering company in the local area who can offer you a highest calibre of mobile catering and exciting food that your guests will love, Hog Roast Achnasheen are ready and able to meet all of your event catering needs. We are the leading hog roast specialists in the area, and we take an immense amount of pride the consistently high quality of our perfectly cooked free-range meat. We have perfected the age-old technique of spit roasting meat and made what would have been the highlight of many medical banquets into a modern dining option that is suitable for any kind of event.

Hog Roast Achnasheen’s method of slow cooking our meat over several hours achieves a level of succulence and flavour that conventional overs cannot reach and allows us to cook in the open air for outdoor events of all sizes without having to rely on pre-made dishes. It isn’t just our hog roasts that we make on-site – every dish on our menus is freshly made at the venue on the day of the event no matter how many diners we are catering for, or the number of dishes that we have been asked to provide.

Complete Hog Roast Catering Solutions For Any Event

We can supply delicious freshly made food for any type of occasion in the Achnasheen area, including smaller family parties, weddings, birthdays, christening, company events, and public shows and local festivals. We offer creative catering solutions for all tastes and budgets, with plenty of alternatives to choose from if you require more variety or you need to accommodate guests with different dietary requirements. This includes different slow cooked meats, sizzling barbecue feasts, vegetarian dishes, contemporary 3-course meals, diverse buffets, themed menus and more. Whatever type or amount of food you need for your day, we will be able to provide it to an excellent standard.

Hog Roast Achnasheen are on hand to fulfil all of your catering and food service requirements for any event in Achnasheen thanks to our superior hog roasts, varied modern menus and flexible customer service that can be tailored to suit your event perfectly.