Hog Roast Buckie

Hog Roast BuckieNot to be confused with the popular tonic drink favoured by many Scots, the quaint burgh town of Buckie is an excellent getaway and location to host celebratory and life landmark events, such as weddings, anniversaries, retirement celebrations, or even your companies team exercises or networking events. The beachside views will add a beautiful splendour to your day, the area’s golf courses will give you a place to kick back and enjoy a few swings. And of course when you’re enjoying the most of Buckie why not pair the day with a catered meal just as splendid as everything else in town! Hog Roast Buckie are your event caterer in Buckie bringing the best in hog roast dining, ensuring dining experiences that make an impression. We’re a stylish caterer with a difference and an aptitude for the most impressive event dining experience around.

Our business is in quality food prepared and presented quality style, making the most out of events and providing an event of our own on the table.

Our speciality at Hog Roast Buckie is the novel hog roast, a dish that looks as incredible during cooking as it tastes to eat. This is an event dish all over; there are few things that will get your mouth suitably watering than watching your meal being cooked in the traditional spit roast style, turning over a hot bed of flames and roasting to a perfect golden texturing and complete with the most exquisite tender pork meat inside. This is event dining the way it is supposed to be enjoyed and it only possible with Hog Roast Buckie!

For Better Bites – Hog Roast Buckie Is Your Go To Choice

Hog Roast BuckieHog Roast Buckie has all you need for the perfect event mealtime. Our services ensure a flexible experience to fit the demands of any event and dining style. Whether you’re after a grand buffet to gorge on or a stylish style set course dinner Hog Roast Buckie work to find a menu package right for you. We have pre-made dining packages refined for each event style and can customize further to pair a dining experience that is truly special to your event. Plus, when our prices come in at an affordable and flexible cost there really is nothing to stop you coming on by today.

So, get the dining experience of a lifetime today by calling Hog Roast Buckie today!