Hog Roast Westhill

Hog Roast WesthillIf you want some great catering for an event you are planning without having to venture into Aberdeen to find what you are looking for, and you would also relish the opportunity of sampling the finest slow-roasted pork in the area, the Hog Roast Westhill team can fulfil all of your requirements.

We can provide food you and all of your guests will love in any location in Westhill, whether you would like a rustic outdoor celebration or more traditional indoor gathering. We are known for being the best hog roast suppliers in the area, but we are also a highly adaptable mobile catering company capable of providing elegant buffets and refined 3 course meals that are guaranteed to suit all tastes and meet all dietary needs.

Trust The Catering Experts – Hog Roast Westhill

Here at Hog Roast Westhill, our slow roasted pork is our signature dish, but we are also constantly developing our menus to meet the needs of contemporary diners and even if pork is not your number one choice, you will still find our menus tasty and inspiring. If you would prefer a different meat, such as beef, turkey, chicken or lamb, we can do it all, and even if some of your guests don’t eat meat at all, we have an ample supply of vegetarian dishes for all of our courses and menu options.

Hog Roast WesthillOur diverse menus are ideal for any special occasion in Westhill and we are always happy to adapt any of our dishes to meet your needs. Whichever one of our delightful menus you choose, whether it be our classic hog roast sandwiches, a varied buffet or formal sit down meal including a canape welcome reception, you can rest assured that we will always prepare everything from scratch on the day using only the most carefully selected locally produced ingredients. For us, the quality of our ingredients is the basis for everything we do and if you choose us to cater for your event, we will never cut corners when it comes to selecting or preparing our unbeatable ingredients.

If you want the freshest, locally sourced produce, modern menus that meet everyone’s needs and the best pork in the area, Hog Roast Westhill are the perfect catering choice for your special occasion.