Hog Roast Boddam Handled A Wedding For The Ages!

Did you know that in Scotland, you can tie the knot just about anywhere? Well, Robin and Maura certainly did, and since home is where the heart is, they seized the opportunity to make their special day truly unforgettable by hosting their wedding in the picturesque setting of their own character-filled home in Aberdeenshire. With sprawling gardens, mature trees, and vibrant flora as the backdrop, their wedding was destined to be a romantic affair from the start.

Choosing the perfect day for their celebration, Robin and Maura were blessed with the finest weather Aberdeenshire had seen in a while. Yet, being pragmatic Scots, they opted for a canvas marquee just in case the heavens decided to open. This thoughtful preparation ensured that their guests could revel in the festivities without worrying about the weather.

Hog Roast BoddamAfter the heartfelt handfasting ceremony came the time for celebration and indulgence. As the guests entered the elegantly decorated marquee, they were greeted with a sight to behold. Rustic wooden tables adorned with floral garlands and glass lanterns created an enchanting atmosphere, complemented by the delicate beauty of artificial wisteria vines draping from the ceiling.

Hog Roast Boddam, renowned for our culinary prowess, took the reins to ensure that the wedding feast was nothing short of spectacular. The meal began with refreshments and sumptuous canapes, featuring smoked Scottish salmon, mini pizzas, handmade gourmet sausages, mini quiche and an Indian platter, which prepared the guests for the fabulous main course to come.

From the traditional hog roast with all the trimmings to the succulent roasted chickens with chipolata sausages and the delectable vegan option of BBQ-pulled jackfruit rolls, the main course went down a storm with every palate finding its match. Sides of vibrant salads, creamy coleslaw and roasted potatoes enhanced the main courses, providing a harmonious blend of flavours that danced on every plate.

But our team wasn’t quite finished yet. Hog Roast Boddam pulled out all the stops with dessert. Our homemade individual chocolate tortes and sticky toffee pudding stole the show and brought the meal to a delightful end.

For Robin and Maura, their wedding day was a dream come true. Surrounded by the beauty of their home and the warmth of their loved ones, they embarked on the next chapter of their lives together. And with Hog Roast Boddam’s impeccable service and delectable cuisine, their celebration was truly one for the ages.