Hog Roast Peterhead- Celebrating The Easter Holidays With An Overdue Family Catch-Up!

Hog Roast aberdeenshire

Now that Scottish schools have broken up for the Easter holidays, parents are once again left pondering ways to keep their wee ones entertained for a fortnight.

One ingenious parent, June, seized this opportunity to organise a grand family gathering, allowing her children to bond with cousins while affording her precious moments with seldom-seen relatives – a win-win scenario!

But with a guest list nearing 100, June faced the daunting task of keeping everyone well-fed without spending the celebration chained to the kitchen. Thankfully, a friend recommended Hog Roast Peterhead, and with our affordable catering solutions, we fit the bill perfectly (pun unintended!).

Choosing the Alfresco Menu for its relaxed vibe, June eagerly enlisted our help. On the big day, our team arrived promptly, ensuring the hog roast had ample time to slow-cook over real flames. The outdoor dining area, sheltered beneath a large gazebo, was swiftly arranged, each table adorned with bamboo wooden charcuterie boards heaped with Italian cold cuts, artisan bread, fine cheeses, and delectable dressings.

As June busied herself with hiding Easter eggs around the garden before the first guests arrived, our chefs expertly carved the hog roast, separating succulent meat from crispy crackling. Gluten-free and wholemeal rolls, accompanied by homemade applesauce and sage and onion stuffing, formed the foundation of a sumptuous feast.

Hog Roast AberdeenshireBut the spread didn’t stop there. Vibrant heritage tomato and mozzarella salad, creamy coleslaw, buttered new potatoes, and a medley of seasonal salad leaves added depth and variety. Meanwhile, grilled vegetable kebabs, optionally adorned with halloumi for vegetarians and vegans, ensured everyone could indulge in a satisfying meal.

As children scoured the garden for hidden Easter treasures, the adults sank their teeth into Hog Roast Peterhead’s famed hog roast sandwiches. The atmosphere hummed with excitement and laughter, underscored by the contented murmurs of guests relishing our sensational scran.

Before bidding farewell, our team treated guests to homemade chocolate torte and cheesecake desserts, earning praise for their heavenly flavours. With bellies full and hearts content, the party drew to a close, leaving June and her guests with cherished memories of a joyous Easter celebration.

June was over the moon with the food service Hog Roast Peterhead provided. From the speedy set-up and impeccable presentation to the fresh, flavoursome recipes we presented, everything our team did elevated the celebration beyond expectations.