Hog Roast Portsoy – End Of Year Party For P7 Pupils!

Hog Roast PortsoyIn the words of Alice Cooper: school’s out for summer! But for the P7 pupils of a local school here in Aberdeenshire, it was a bittersweet farewell as they bid goodbye to primary school and look ahead to the exciting journey that awaits them in high school!

To mark this significant transition, the headteacher pulled out all the stops and organised an epic end-of-year party, ensuring the kids had an unforgettable send-off.

So, instead of their usual final day in the classroom, the P7s were treated to a day filled with fun and festivities. The school grounds buzzed with excitement as they enjoyed games with cool prizes, tackled an inflatable assault course, grooved to tunes spun by a DJ, and indulged in treats from an ice cream van. And to top it all off, Hog Roast Portsoy was on hand to provide a delectable BBQ feast that left everyone drooling!

Our expert caterers fired up the grill and unleashed a feast for every craving. From juicy beef burgers and homemade sausages bursting with flavour to succulent chicken kebabs and sticky spareribs dripping with BBQ goodness, there were plenty of options for the kids to sink their teeth into. And for those opting for a meat-free option, Hog Roast Portsoy’s veggie burgers and pulled jackfruit rolls were a hit, proving that delicious food knows no bounds.

Hog Roast PortsoyBut it wasn’t just about the mains. Oh no! Accompanying these savoury delights were sides that added both colour and crunch to the meal. Seasonal green leaf salad adorned with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and spring onions provided a refreshing balance, while gourmet coleslaw and mixed fries added depth and satisfaction to every plate.

The air was filled with laughter, cheers, and the clinking of plates as the kids savoured their last moments together as primary schoolmates. For us at Hog Roast Portsoy, it was an absolute joy to serve up such a delicious spread and be part of this milestone celebration.

As these youngsters prepare to start high school, we wish them a summer of endless fun and excitement. Here’s to new beginnings and the delicious memories that fuel them!