National Barbecue Week Celebrated In Style At Hog Roast Saint Cyrus!

Hog Roast Saint CyrusMany of you may have not known this, but last week was national barbecue week in the UK, and you know we at Hog Roast Saint Cyrus certainly did not miss out on celebrating such a brilliant week in our own gourmet style.

With British summer comes the best British dining tradition around: the barbecue. A simple yet brilliant cooking style and tradition, the barbecue is a must for any Britons as soon as the sun comes out on its rare occasions. Who, after all, could possibly say not to a good filled roll with either a burger or sausages to enjoy out in the sun? Grilled meats, good company, and lovely sunshine – that’s what the British summer is all about.

As an ode to the brilliance of the barbecue, the country has celebrated a national barbecue week in the first week of June going on 28 years now. This 28th annual barbie week was as great as the last 27 of course, especially when your Hog Roast Saint Cyrus team was out doing their part to bring the barbie to your events.

Hog Roast Saint CyrusOur gourmet barbecue range has all your classics of this British summertime favourite, only done in our own Hog Roast Saint Cyrus homestyle with fresh ingredients. Burgers, sausages, all hand made by our chefs from top-end, local meats, along with delicious skewers, marinated ribs, kebabs, fresh accompaniments for your roll and more. It’s also made professionally on our own mobile hog roasting machines with our added barbecue attachment, allowing us to cook dozens of sausages, burgers, ribs, sausages, etc, all at once simultaneous with a hog roast underneath too.

For national barbecue week we were lucky enough to have a bit of sun and some events that had already requested our gourmet range. For some of our regularly scheduled businesses lunches for our client’s workplaces we ensured that we continued to celebrate the week by switching out our menu for our gourmet barbecue range too. Anything to keep promoting national barbecue week to more and more people so that we can get another 28 years of barbie brilliance!