Titan Purchase for a Community Café Thanks To The Help Of Hog Roast Portlethen!

The happy new owners of one of our mighty Titan machines has just dropped us a line here at Hog Roast Portlethen to let us know how happy they are with the new addition to their kitchen! The café is not just for the local community but also run and funded by them and since its inception two years ago it has gone on to become a hub for local residents. They are always on the lookout for new ideas to offer some great food and a bit of fun for all of the customers and after deciding to launch a Sunday lunch club with an emphasis on providing a tasty but budget friendly lunch for local residents, particularly those who lived on their own. With their oven not being the largest, the café committee decided to pool together to purchase a new piece of cooking equipment that would transform the café and make everyone’s lives easier when preparing meals.

Hog Roast Aberdeenshire

After doing a bit of research they came across our website and learnt that our versatile machines can be used to cook any large joint of meat, not to mention a whole host of other things all at the same time! After having a good chat with a member of the friendly and informed Hog Roast Portlethen team, they decided to invest in one of our super reliable and easy to use Titan machines. They couldn’t be happy with their new piece of equipment because it gives them everything they need in terms of quality and quantity as well as being easy to operate and clean. Since the Titan has been up and running the community café has never been busier and the awesome slow roasted meat is produces has got everyone flocking there – not just local residents, but people from further afield as well in search of a lovely lunch while they are having a nice day out.

Even though they haven’t had it for very long, the café community has already reaped the benefits of the Titan machine and here at Hog Roast Portlethen we’re really happy that it has been such a big hit with everyone!