Wedding Food To Suit Everyone With Hog Roast Gamrie

While Hog Roast Gamrie has happily catered many different kinds of events and parties over the years, we’re often popular for wedding meals, including post-service ones, evening buffets and breakfasts. Regardless of whether you’re thinking of having a formal do or a casual get-together with your family and friends in order to celebrate such a special occasion and no matter how many people you’re inviting, we can provide your dream menu and that’s even if you’re planning on not featuring our signature food.

Hog Roast GamrieWe’ve spent a long time impressing many of our customers and their guests with so much more than our hog roast centrepieces (though they are mouth wateringly scrumptious if we do say so ourselves!) so if you’d rather dine on spit-roasted, barbecued or marinated slow-roasted meat, just let us know and we can help you to create the best menu to suit you. In terms of spit roasts, we can cook up a storm with free-range turkeys or chicken, a whole English lamb or brisket of beef or we can grill up your favourite BBQ meats if preferred, while our Southern Slow Roast standalone menu may instead be perfect if you’d rather enjoy marinated slow roasts. You can order a main all by itself or add sides, starters, desserts and canap├ęs to your heart’s content, as it’s all up to you.

Our dedicated Hog Roast Gamrie experts also understand that while the majority of your menu is all about you, you also need to ensure that all of your guests can eat what we make too, so if there are varying personal tastes or dietary requirements, we can add extra suitable dishes that are just as tasty. Whatever you fancy having on your wedding day and whatever your guests need, we can deliver and it’ll be freshly made on the day using high-quality ingredients that are local where possible too, like the meat that we cook for hours on end.

For your wedding day needs, contact Hog Roast Gamrie and talk to us about your dream menu that also suits the people you’re inviting, and we’ll help you to figure out the perfect food for everyone.