Hog Roast Glencoe – Purpose Built Hog Roast Machines 

Did you know that Hog Roast Glencoe has a factory in the northwest of England, where we make our own range of hog roast machines? We’ve been handcrafting our own equipment for many years and we sell them to satisfied customers all over the world, to both professional chefs and domestic cooks. If you’re a caterer yourself, just like us, then you want to use high-quality, durable, recommended equipment that exceeds your expectations when cooking for your customers, and the same goes for our customers who buy a machine to use at home, either instead of or as well as their kitchen oven.

Hog Roast GlencoeRegardless of what you need a hog roaster for, a Hog Roast Glencoe hog roaster can fulfill your needs in so many ways, as we designed our range to work like conventional ovens, so you can cook just about anything you like with one. You can roast a hog or spit-roast other meat above while you’re cooking vegetables and potatoes inside the machine, for example, so you can cook a whole meal in one go, or you can barbecue burgers, sausages and ribs while piles of jackets cook inside. Whatever your cooking needs, one of our machines will help you to achieve them and with perfectly cooked food each and every time.

Our customers old and new are always welcome to visit us at our factory and see a machine being built from scratch, chat to our experts and then visit our showroom to see our range on sale, and you don’t need to make an appointment with Hog Roast Glencoe to do so; you can just turn up! One of our long-term customers, Geordie, came to see us yesterday, as he was thinking of buying his own machine to use at home, after hiring our machines over the years to cook for his friends and family for all kinds of special occasions. After browsing our range, Geordie came to the conclusion that he needed one of our Titans, which he’s already cooked with in the past, and we had a used machine in stock that was just perfect for his needs.