Too hot to BBQ? Let Hog Roast Cruden Bay do the Cooking

As the country swelters in an unprecedented heatwave, you could be forgiven for putting away the grill and jumping in the paddling pool. But what if there was a place where you could enjoy succulent meat and a laid-back summer atmosphere, without the sweat and heat of a garden barbeque?

Hog Roast Cruden BayWell, Hog Roast Cruden Bay has you covered. Our chefs are tailor made to bring you the finest quality meats, whatever the weather, so you can feed the carnivore inside you. And if you’re not in the mood for our famous pork, there is a wide range of other options on offer, from salads and side dishes to decadent, ice cold deserts. Hog Roast Cruden Bay also caters to vegetarian and vegan customers, with a selection of wraps, skewers, and stuffing to make everyone feel welcome.

Alice, a frequent client at Hog Roast Cruden Bay, recently put together a family party in her garden. She wanted a place where her relatives could mingle in a socially distanced, comfortable way; she wasn’t disappointed. The team set up an airy gazebo and began cooking a few hours before her guests arrived. When her family walked into the garden, they were greeted with the smell of slow roasted meat.

All the cutlery, plates, and drinks were there, so all they needed to do was pick up a fork and start eating. Instead of the sweaty affair that she might have had, Alice and the team at Hog Roast Cruden Bay were able to provide a comfortable environment for all her guests.

Alice was absolutely thrilled with how the party went. It had been exactly what she wanted, and all her guests agreed that it had been so much better than a regular barbeque. Events like this show just how versatile Hog Roast Cruden Bay is. Even in blistering heat, Hog Roast Cruden Bay can adapt and surpass all expectations. So, next time you are thinking of firing up the barbie, give Hog Roast Cruden Bay a call instead. You never know, we might just save you from getting hot and bothered.